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About Draw Something, Laura!

Draw Something, Laura! is the smorgasbord of artistic and illustrative creations dreamt up by Laura, an artist and children’s book editor based in London, UK. Laura draws her inspiration from the places and people who surround her, and from the peculiar night-dreams and daydreams that wiggle their way into her mind. Often, these involve prehistoric animals, things in boxes, and her seemingly immortal goldfish, Kurt.

Don’t We Belong Here?

I’ve been having a lot of fun playing around with ink in the last few weeks, so I thought I’d use that medium on a couple of pieces I’m exhibiting next week at an event by the Oxford Migration Studies … Continue reading

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Big Font, Little Font, Cardboard Books!

Last weekend I went up to Huddersfield for a weekend at the lovely West Yorkshire Print Workshop, learning the skills of bookbinding and letterpress. I started off working with the big, flatbed letterpress. This was very exciting (bright, sticky inks; … Continue reading

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My first postcards have arrived

They’re here, they’re here! My first test batch of dinosaur postcards have arrived, looking all shiny and lovely, and I’m dipping my toe in the Etsy waters with these as the first item in my Draw Something, Laura! shop.

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Picture This!

Last Friday, I got down to London just in time to catch the penultimate day of a wonderful little exhibition on children’s illustration at the British Library. Picture This displayed 10 classic illustrated children’s books, with the emphasis on how … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs Like Fashion, Too!

After the meticulous realism I strived for during the LARA painting course, I thought it would be refreshing to focus my attention on some more whimsical and imaginative artworks. I’ve been working on a few different projects that I plan … Continue reading

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Paint and Patience at the LARA Christmas School

In December I attended the Christmas School at the London Atelier of Representational Art. Two full weeks of oil painting: exhilarating, but also hard work. I was pleased with the paintings I produced (I did have visions of turning up … Continue reading

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Moore Bacon, Anyone?

As I attempt to refine my own artistic output, I often feel a sense of guilt at not focusing all my attention on a single style or medium. On Saturday, a stroll around the Bacon/Moore exhibition at the Ashmolean helped … Continue reading

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