Moore Bacon, Anyone?

As I attempt to refine my own artistic output, I often feel a sense of guilt at not focusing all my attention on a single style or medium. On Saturday, a stroll around the Bacon/Moore exhibition at the Ashmolean helped to remind me that it is always useful to stay open to different creative possibilities. To me, Henry Moore is epitomised by his massive, bone-like female forms cast in metal, but the exhibited artwork that most captured my interest were his delicate sketches of women sleeping in the Underground during the Blitz. Likewise, Bacon has always conjured up raw, brutal images in my mind, soaked in dense colour and with rough, prominent brushstrokes; it had never occurred to me that he might have entreated Moore to teach him the secrets of sculpture. It was fascinating to see the two artists placed alongside each other, and I came away from the gallery feeling inspired by how, at times in his career, each artist had attempted to break out of the confines of their primary medium.


About Draw Something, Laura!

Draw Something, Laura! is the smorgasbord of artistic and illustrative creations dreamt up by Laura, an artist and children’s book editor based in London, UK. Laura draws her inspiration from the places and people who surround her, and from the peculiar night-dreams and daydreams that wiggle their way into her mind. Often, these involve prehistoric animals, things in boxes, and her seemingly immortal goldfish, Kurt.
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